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Synchronize orders from eDock to Shopify

eDock will send in Shopify the orders not created on this market. 

You can set three status to manage the orders:

  • take order from the status: where the orders are picked up in order to be created on Shopify
  • if created, move the order to the state: select an order status 
  • if not created, move the order to the state: select an order status

If you want, you can create new order status in section “orders” of eDock (see the kb article) or you can use the default orders you have in eDock. 

If you want to check the order before it is created on Shopify we suggest not to use the status “bought”, instead create a new order status where you will drop manually the orders you want to create on shopify (this is because every order received from any marketplace is created in eDock in the status “bought”).

Enable the setting “Connect to product created on shopify” if you want to update the stock according to the orders imported from eDock.  



It could be necessary to map the carrires from eDock to shopify unless you are going to use the standard carrier you set up in the app.

This is because if you want to add the tracking from eDock to shopify you have to use the same name on both platforms.  


To set up a mapping rule:

Markets > Shopify > Carriers Mapping > + new mapping

Add the mapping with the name of the carrier and the corresponding carrier on shopify 

Then save.

Use the icon with the wheels to update and the icon with the cross to delete.

If you are not defining mappings the predefinite carrier will be used.