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Synchronize products from eDock to Shopify

Open Shopify App and enable the stock synchronization between Shopify and eDock.

Go to eDock on section Markets > Shopify > Publishing rules

Each rule should be associated with a product folder according to the pieces of information you have inside them. For example if each folder needs different data (different collections, cultures’ descriptions, and so on) then you must create a rule for each folder or product category.

If your whole products catalogue has the same information you might also create a single rule associated with “all products”.


To create a new rule click the button “+” new rule

Select from the left side of the page the folder you want to associate

Now you have to fill in with the information needed


Tab General:

Name of the rule 

User: add your shopify shop that should be already connected with eDock (if you have more than one shopify shop you have to create a rule for each shop)

Enable: flag when the rule is ready to be used.


Tab Generic:

Culture: choose the culture of the products and the related description. 

Collection: select the collection you previously created onto shopify in order to add the products in that specific folder in that collection 

Location: your shop address 

Shipping days: select a range of days within the customer will receive your product 


Tab Attributes:

Tag: you can select an attribute already used in eDock (for more info: Attributes and Variations settings)  to map tags available in shopify

Ttype: you can select an attribute already used in eDock to map the product type

Brand: you can select an attribute already used in eDock to map the products brand

Once you have done with the information, save. 


To create the products on shopify select the rule and click on “apply selected rules” 


To update the rule, select and click on “update” (wheels icon)


To delete the rule, select and click on “delete” (X icon)


If the rules exist and it is enabled, when a product is created in that same folder it will be automatically listed on shopify. Unless you will need to apply the rule. 

The products will be listed if they have a price for the pricelist connected to Shopify (more info here)


Once you applied the rule go to section “diagnostics” to see how it went. 

Click on the button “view”. You will see there all products that were included in the procedure of apply rule. 

You will find a green button if the product is created or a red button in case of error and a brief explanation of the error.