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Publish products on eBay

The fundamental idea on which eDock is based is to separate the concepts of product and listing, sometimes mixed up by users that sell only on a particular Marketplace. 

For eDock, a product is a product that has a series of characteristics (name, description, product code, image, etc.). The product, with its characteristics, once added in products (catalogue of eDock) it is ready to be published in the form of an eBay listing.

The publication on eBay requires other pieces of information that are peculiar for the listing (and not for the product), among them: eBay user,shipping and handling time, category and others.

This fundamental distinction that eDock makes between Product and listing offers various distinctions for the professional seller:

Sell the same article on eBay with a given price and on the ecommerce website with another price 

Keep synchronised the availability of the stock (e.g. between eBay and ecommerce website or eBay and the managing program) 

Create an ecommerce website starting from the listings you have on eBay

Sell on other Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. without having to write again the information of the product (because the information is centralized and listed on the “products” menu of eDock). 

This is why an eBay listing can be created using eDock only after you add the products in Products and link a list with the channel eDock4eBay. 

You have 3 ways to publish on eBay through eDock:

1. Massive listing

Recommended to:

those who want to create bulk listings. Processing time: quinte long. Product description is easily customizable. Starting from Excel or CSV file. 

2. Multiple listing

Recommended to:

those who want to create quickly the listings even if the description is not so customizable. 

3. Automatic listing

Recommended to: 

those who load their own stock through a managing program or through Excel or CSV file and for those who, for any reason, need to open and close the listings.