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Auto-listing rules (function for experts)

This function allows, through the creation of a Rule (related to the category), to publish rapidly the eBay listing starting from the products already created in “Products”. This function is time-saving, in particular for those who fill in the section Products through, for example, a managing program or through the synchronization of a .csv file.

In order to use well the autolisting rules, you have to keep in mind what follow:

  • Products should share a series of information:

the products you are going to list should share pieces of information regarding the marketplace, template, shipping method, payment method, return, eBay category and Shop category. 

If your products inside a specific folder do not share these fields it could be useful to update the entire infrastructure of folders and products according to the rules needs. 

  • Apply the rule and list on eBay

each rule is applied to every product created in a specific category and each new product created in that category is automatically listed if there is a rule and it is enabled.

  • Hierarchy of autolisting rules

for eDock the rules found at higher levels are neglected if more specific rules exist. This filter is valid independently of the country you select for the advertisement. For this reason, it is recommended to add rules related to various countries in the specific category.

Products that go from zero to more than zero quantity: If the rule is ticked off as “Active for the relist” it means that this rule is valid not only for the products created, but also for the products that go from zero to more than zero quantity. 


How to do: 

Click on the button Markets > eBay >auto-listing rules


Select the folder and the subfolder, among All products* on the left column – the rules will list the products inside the folder selected.

Click on the icon + to create a new rule

Name of the rule.

- Enabled (tick off to enable the rule)

- Enabled for the Relist (tick off to republish the advertisement)**

- General: Website, User, Listing duration, Item location, Template (standard or personalized). 

- Visibility options: Publish additional images, number of additional images, hit counter type  

- Domestic shipping: Shipping method, Cost, Additional costs, Maximum dispatch time

- International shipping: Shipping method, Nation/Continent, Cost, Additional costs, Type of ensured shipment, Shipping and Handling insurance fees, Maximum handling time, Template.

- Accepted payment methods: select the options about the payment accepted: PayPal, Bank transfer, postal order, Visa- MasterCard, Cash on delivery

- Returns: domestic or international returns

- eBay Category: select the type of category First category, Second category. 

- eBay shop category : select the type of category First category, Second category. 

- Attributes: this tab is enabled according to the eBay category you chose. It is possible to see the attributes required to list on eBay: some of them are compulsory and some are optional. While listing eDock will use both the attributes inside the products in the specific culture of the marketplace (ebay.co.uk > english) and the attributes you fill in in this tab. The attribute inside the product will be sent first, then if there are no attributes, eDock will check the attributes mapped inside the rule. Inside the rule you can map attributes also in other cultures. If a translation exists, it will be sent to the marketplace. 


As eBay is requesting brand and MPN for any category, eDock will send these fields automatically according to the information given in the product.  


The rule that allows the creation of the listing can be actual only for a single folder. 

 * The fields in All products are the subdivision chosen for “Products” when the articles are loaded from the stock.

** To re-open the advertisement (after they had quantity 0):

 - load the stock 

 - Tick off the heading “Enable for the relist”  

In this way the listings that were closed can be changed with new ones with same characteristics of the previous ads. 

Duplicate rules

To create quickly the rules you can use the function “duplicate” in this way: 


Markets > eBay > Auto-listing rules > select the rule > duplicate selected rule (icon with the two stars)


A rule named “copy of-” will be created with the same fields and same information. To update the rule: select the rule > update (wheels icon) 


This procedure is helpful for those who want to create in bulk similar rules.